Lost The Plot

I used to be vast, but time and disuse have worn me down. It’s this modern age of quiet people and conflict resolution. I need to be summoned, hot fury tied to human hatred, so that death and destruction fills me out. No-one does that any more, but I keep wishing for someone to inscribe the calling on a tablet of soft clay…

Be careful what you wish for. I wished and wished that someone would summon me, and they did. Or rather, she did, in Latin which is good enough. I am flexible – it doesn’t have to be ancient Sumerian. I change with the times as best I can, rather than be lost for ever.

I felt the tug, the promise of anger, of burning hate, the essential other in a soul-searing contract to kill. The stone circle, the glittering pentagram, the blessed summoner chanting naked beneath a full moon – damn but I’ve missed that. The call to kill.

I manifested – not my glorious thirty feet tall but seven and a half, all I had space for in a dark cave, lit by a feeble pair of candles. I prefer the grand open-air summonings with great roaring fires, perhaps a few standing stones. Space to spread, to rise, to howl the name of my target, and feel the night shout back. Nevertheless, I accepted the call, cooked that clay tablet until it glowed, and bound myself into the pact.

Shit, shit, shit…” The summoner beat out unexpected flames. “My essay…”

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This piece was written for the #BlogBattle writing prompt in February 2019. The prompt was “Loss”.

8 thoughts on “Lost The Plot”

    1. Thank you! I do have a bit of a tendency to take an orthogonal approach to writing prompts.

      I tend to put stories up on Medium at the moment because I’ve also had a few shorts published by Lore Fiction who use it as their platform.

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      1. I like seeing variety of use of prompt words. Tests writers imaginations!

        I’ve seen a few using Medium recently. Not one I’ve much knowledge about though. Might be an idea to have a look methinks!

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  1. Me and prompts = total blank. That can last for days, or weeks. Then something pops, or doesn’t.

    Medium is interesting – I’ve not tried putting anything behind their paywall, but so far I’ve seen uptake on my shorts ranging from 5-10 reads, to the lone example of 200+.


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