Airtight Zeal

Roger went off this morning, which was pretty inconsiderate. I thought we were getting along so well. I still have David, of course, but that’s just not the same. It’s just as well I that I picked up Ian last night, although I suppose I’ve known for some time that Roger was going.

It’s a shame, but honestly Roger was losing his hair, and I really liked it the way it was when we first met. Perfect, pitch black and very straight, cut short so it would lift slightly as a spiky halo. Ian’s hair is pretty dark, but more a deep brown than black, but still there’s a lovely crisp straightness. I hope Ian will be with me for a very long time.

David’s hair is beautiful, or it was. I still brush it for him, but the lustre isn’t there any more, and I just find him too cold.

So, Ian…” His fringe was a bit disarrayed and I brushed it straight. I think he smiled – just a twitch of the lips, a teasing invitation. It’s hard to tell and I need time to get used to a new man. “What do you think?”

A whisper, so soft, but I caught the words. “You are beautiful. Your home is beautiful.”

I stroked his hair again. “Breakfast?”

Not for me, but you go ahead.”

He has such lovely eyes to go with that hair. So fresh and clear.

I put some toast on, brewed coffee and got out my best knife. “Sure you won’t have any?”


There you go.” I put more toast on and went to the fridge. I had bottles in there, which is silly because they don’t need to be kept cold. “I got these for you.” I think he smiled as I put them on the breakfast bar, just a tiny curl in the corners of his mouth. “I think it will work.”

He tipped his head to one side, contemplative, and that ghostly smile was still there. “Yes.”

And this.” I got a perfectly clear plastic box from the cupboard behind him. “I made this. Airtight. What do you think?”

Perfect,” he whispered, so softly that I might have imagined it.

I have to go out first. I won’t be long.” I stroked his hair again, for reassurance. Such beautiful hair. “It’s Roger, you see? Now don’t be jealous. It’s all over between us. He’s really gone off and that airtight bag is starting to leak.”

Ian still smiled and I straightened his head. Such beautiful clear eyes. Formalin would do the trick.

I put David back in the freezer. He makes such a mess if I let him thaw too much.

I wrote for the May #BlogBattle prompt of Airtight.

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