In the car, hurry, worry,

Running late, worry, hurry.

Turn the key, come on, start it

Clicks and whirls but doesn’t catch it.

Growl and grind, and fading power

Turn and turn, and turning slower

Wretched beast, I hear what happened

Click and nothing, battery flattened

Out the box, the biggest hammer

Instead choose the ratchet spanner

Turn and turn the clicking ratchet

Drop it, curse and fail to catch it.

Down beside the engine block

Out of reach and really stuck

Scrape my knuckles, fail to reach it

How I hate the wretched ratchet.

I hate the car, its fickle state

All the worse when running late

Now I’ve really lost my cool

Gotta have the wretched tool

Dripping blood I gotta get it

Cursing blue of course I blew it

Straining hard could barely touch it

Failed to reach the wretched ratchet.

Need a stick to poke it loose

Saw the hammer resting close

Reached and grabbed and… darn it… NO…

The wretched hammer hit my toe

Darn it all, the wretched rush

Now can’t walk to catch the bus.

This piece of vaguely rhyming alliterative nonsense  was brought to you by the July #BlogBattle prompt of Wretched.

11 thoughts on “Hurry”

  1. Ahh yes…. one of “those” affairs with ailing inanimate objects that often get a good cursing. Mind you I think I’d advise a new tool box given the state of the current one. Wretched tools are just not cutting the mustard here Mark 😂😂

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  2. ‘Wretched ratchet’ does have a ring to it! And this piece ‘rings true’ as well. Many people can completely identify with this scenario … and perhaps this is a story inspired by actual events? 😉

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    1. Inspired by… oh, yes. I’m currently assembling a metal building frame and there’s plenty of cursing of a certain wretched ratchet, not to mention a recent battery issue with the car.

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  3. Well done, Mark. It is good when you can take a “wretched ratchet” event and find the comic relief. By the way, I have also groaned in despair upon hearing the clicking solenoid — the harbinger of a dying battery. P.S. You just might need a bigger hammer or a tougher toe!


    1. The ratchet and the car are recent events, but I have to be honest – there was no hammer and toe incident. It was a piece of wood I dropped on my toe, nearly ten years ago, but somehow the memory is still fresh and the nail still doesn’t grow right.
      I have a dim memory of swearing about it at the time. What I really remember is the long pause before I could even speak enough to swear, that strange time-out-of-mind between knowing it’s going to hurt and the nerves actually responding well enough to convey the pain.


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